Using the Anomaly Clusters Map

This map shows all the Anomaly Clusters identified by the MineMatch Geochemistry Project.

IMPORTANT:  Claim boundaries were sourced from The MapPlace in October 2003, and may be up to one year out of date. Click here for more.

To browse the map, choose an intermediate zoom scale, and click in the area of interest in the index map which appears (inset, top left).  Then zoom in further, shifting the map using the panning arrows in the map's margins. <scroll down for more...>

To locate any specific Anomaly Cluster, click on the binoculars in the map margin, and enter the Anomaly Cluster No followed by a colon (eg: 430:).  Click the "Search" button. Then click the "Show" button. [Notes: (1)  When an Anomaly Cluster has been located in this way, clicking on the cluster will fail to bring up its links to similarity reports in the frame below the map.  To bring up the links, click on an adjacent cluster, and then click back on the cluster of interest.  This is a bug in the map-server software which is yet to be corrected by the vendor. (2) Not every number has an associated Anomaly Cluster.  Some numbers were abandoned when adjacent anomalous samples were merged.]